There is a prevailing argument that a careful approach to branding can dramatically reduce expenditure on marketing and design, but just how true is it? To make a clear judgement, we first have to agree on what we mean by branding.

Can Branding Reduce Marketing and Design Costs

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What is Branding?

Most people think of branding as being the logo for a product or company, but it’s actually much more than that. According to the charitable organisation Design Council, a brand is a set of intentional or unintentional associations with a product, service, company, organisation or individual. It includes tailor-made logos, but also includes media representation, both good and bad.

We tend to pay more attention to the visual impact of brands, as this seems to the most noticeable aspect of a good branding campaign. Just think of the iconic purple colour of a well-known chocolate brand, or the worldwide recognition of a famous soft-drink company with red and white lettering. Colours, images and shapes can all help us with instant brand recognition, which is way a well-thought out campaign can add real impact to a marketing strategy.

When Branding and Marketing Collide

A well-rounded marketing strategy should use a variety of mediums to get the message across. From a website, to leaflets, direct mail, print ads and even billboards, a cohesive style makes for a united and effective campaign. Clever use of branding helps to unify these diverse strategies, whereas unskilled or sloppy branding will have little or no impact.

You might find that your print graphics team has a different view to your web design team, which could cost you dearly. Not only are you paying two separate creative agencies to design artwork, but there is no guarantee that both agencies will identify your target market in the same way. To a potential customer, the lack of cohesion speaks of chaos, and this is unlikely to endear you to your intended market.

One Design Team for Clarity

Whether you are sourcing web design in Devon or Derby, you need to employ a skilled team of professionals such as, to ensure a structured approach to your marketing strategy.

Try to steer clear of one-man bands, who might offer a great web design service but fall down on the marketing side. A team offers greater scope for effective branding and a clear strategy for your business.

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