Whiteboards have been one of the most useful tools invented in recent times. They are used in classrooms and boardrooms; in fact, they can be used in any situation where learning, discussion, brainstorming or feedback sessions are required.

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In more recent times, as technology has advanced, many organisations are focusing on using resource planning software to replace many of the tasks once fulfilled by a whiteboard. Does this mean whiteboards are no longer required, or can these two mediums work side by side?

Whiteboard uses

The benefits of whiteboards are numerous; despite technological advances, there is still a place for this tool in any setting. What makes whiteboards so useful is that they are easy to use, versatile, and can be erased quickly without creating any mess. Whiteboards do not need to be hooked up to electrical outlets or computers and can be used at any time.

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Emergence of resource planning software

Whilst very useful, whiteboards are fairly restrictive in what they can achieve; therefore, in situations where resource requirements are large, they can’t serve every need. It is no wonder that more businesses are turning to using resource planning software to help manage large projects, allowing staff to view activities, projects or calendars and plan ahead. The use of resource planning software has become increasingly important as more staff work remotely or in a global environment.

Working together

Despite resource planning software gaining momentum, whiteboards still have a place and the two can happily co-exist. At the preliminary stages of a project – when teams are thrashing out ideas, highlighting tasks, explaining problems or sharing information – school dry wipe magnetic whiteboards from companies such as https://wedgewhiteboards.co.uk/ can work well in a number of situations, no matter how large your resource requirements.

The ease of using the whiteboard cannot be denied, with many people preferring this option of project planning if they want quick solutions without needing to resort to using software. Where more complex information is needed, perhaps for longer-term planning, resource planning software can work well alongside a whiteboard.

When technology is down or not in use, a portable whiteboard system certainly serves as a useful backup and enables users to sit around a table to view ideas or information and encourage participation. Crucially, they are also budget-friendly, so make for an affordable business expense.

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