Mercedes technical director James Allison has suggested that all eyes should be on Red Bull this season. They are now considered to be the main threat to the dominance of the Mercedes team and Lewis Hamilton’s racing crown.

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When he was interviewed at a recent Petronas-sponsored event, he indicated that Red Bull was quickly emerging as the team to beat in 2018.

Hamilton expresses his opinion

Lewis Hamilton, the famous Mercedes Formula 1 driver, has expressed his concerns that the announced upgrade for the Australian Grand Prix will result in Red Bull having the fastest car.

According to German driver Sebastian Vettel, there is very little to criticise about Hamilton’s driving. He said that his record over many years speaks for itself.

Hamilton has noted the slightly different philosophy of the Red Bull team in producing a car with plenty of downforce compared to all the other teams. He did add that this was not always an advantage. In fact, on tracks with a lot of straights, it may actually make them slower.

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The Red Bull threat to Mercedes’ dominance

It is widely known that the Red Bull car will be fitted with improvements before the competitive racing starts in Australia toward the end of March. Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo has gone on the record to state that he feels this is going to be an exciting year for F1 racing. He looked back to last year when, at the start of the season, there was a big difference between the performance of the teams at the beginning of the season. However, as the season progressed, the difference lessened.

He predicted that things would be a little different this year. He feels there will be many overlaps as the teams are developing. By bringing upgrades to the first race, Red Bull is introducing something exciting. He said he heard speculation that Red Bull had planned an upgrade of around two to four tenths, which could make a significant difference.

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