The rise in smartphone use has made mobile optimisation a major task for any website that wants to attract visitors. And responsive design is perhaps the easiest way to ensure that pages display correctly across all devices, not just desktops and laptops.

Do I Need an App If I Have a Responsive Website

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So if you have already taken advantage of responsive web design techniques to capture the mobile market, is it strictly necessary to develop a separate app for portable platforms as well?

App Invasion

It is important to establish one important point at the beginning: mobile apps are big business and show no signs of loosening their grip on the attentions of users. The vast majority of time people spend on their handsets tends to be channelled through apps.

In spite of this, many businesses believe that an app is a luxury rather than an essential asset. And in some cases this is true, since the uphill struggle involved in convincing customers to download an app is compounded by the battle required to actually ensure that they use it once it is installed.

What cannot be debated is the need for a responsive site. Companies like, which offers web design in Peterborough, can provide one. But ignoring apps and their influence on consumer habits is equally unhelpful.

Do I Need an App If I Have a Responsive Website2

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Key Differences

A mobile site makes your business easy to find online, but an app can deliver a much richer experience that goes beyond anything available via a smartphone browser.

For example, you can not only provide information and e-commerce features within an app but also harness notifications to remind customers about important events, deliver personalised offers direct to their device and even leverage location-based services to alert them to outlets in their area.

Experts also argue that jumping on the app bandwagon sooner rather than later is a good idea because it means you can build an audience over time and keep customers on board for longer, rather than struggling to create an app further down the line when standing out from the crowd is much harder.

If you have the resources to create an app, then doing so could be the next big step forward for your business. If you have yet to optimise your site for mobile visitors, then prioritising responsive design should be at the top of the agenda.

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