TV viewing habits are continuing to change at a great pace. There is a huge range of new technology available (such as set-top boxes and apps), and viewers are embracing the catch-up culture, which means that not being able to watch your programme when it is first broadcast is becoming less of an issue.

DVR to Move to the Cloud as TV Viewing Habits Change2

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The Rise of the Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

Being able to record programmes to a hard drive using a digital video recorder (DVR) is now a very popular way of keeping them for future viewing or just being able to watch at a more convenient time. According to Ofcom, in 2016, 60% of households had DVR at their disposal.

However, the DVR technology currently available does have a number of limitations. Sometimes it is not possible to watch recordings in all rooms (only those with DVRs), there is limited storage capacity and simultaneous recordings are limited.

Cloud and Clear

One of the answers to the current storage limitations is to move more services to the cloud. This will enable providers to offer more storage space to their customers as well as save themselves money due to cloud storage being cheaper to provide than local data storage solutions such as set-top boxes. Cloud-based systems will also allow users to download their recorded programmes to mobile devices and watch literally anywhere, whether that’s on holiday abroad or even on the move. Some providers allow this downloading already, but it is not done via the cloud.

DVR to Move to the Cloud as TV Viewing Habits Change

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Local Installation and Repair Options

Stroud TV aerial repair specialists such as, and others across the country, will be able to provide you with the assistance you need if you are having problems with your aerial/TV or need help installing a new TV and viewing system.

Recent and Future Developments

Last year, Bush launched the UK’s first set-top box with an integrated cloud-based storage service, and it is expected that more of these, as well as TVs with integrated services, will start appearing on the market over the next six months to a year.

In summary, with user preference and consumer choice the order of the day, a move to the cloud by more DVR service providers makes sense to all involved, and cloud storage of TV programmes will become commonplace.

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