Dedicated Specialists like the Imperial Hearing Group have over twenty elite Clinics spread all across the South of the Country and dedicated, skilled, professional teams such as are proud to be an integral part of this skilled, highly trained tight-knit Unit. This small group of consummate professionals are experienced, extremely competent, Ear wax removal Birmingham Technicians who strive to make the process of Ear Wax Removal as Effective and Pain-Free as possible.  Birmingham is a thriving, diverse, multi-cultural City with a growing population of well over 1,100 million inhabitants, it is often referred to as the Second City of the UK with London as number one. Birmingham’s other Nicknames are, City of a Thousand Trades, Venice of the North and the Pen Shop or Workshop of the World.

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Every member of this fully-qualified and prestigious Team is passionate, dedicated and highly experienced in the Safe and Effective removal of Ear Wax.  With three tried and tested specialist techniques to choose from, every patient will initially have a thorough and in-depth Consultation with one of the local technicians, before a decision is made as to which Treatment is best suited for each individual case. The cleanest and safest method that’s preferred for those with narrow ear canals or previous hearing issues is the Micro Suction technique.

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The other two possible courses of effective Treatment are the Irrigation Method or the Manual Extraction option, both procedures are only carried out by one of their experienced, skilled, Birmingham Technicians.

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