When it comes to pasta we all will love to make some homemade pasta with machine. Homemade pasta will be easy to make with a manual pasta maker but it will be much easier if we use an electric pasta machine. You can enjoy fresh pasta without having too much complexity by one of this best pasta machine and it will be your one of the perfect kitchen accessories for you. I will try to give you the best reviews for the best electric pasta maker to choose from.

Types of Electric pasta machine:

Electric pasta maker comes in two types. One of them is pasta roller and other is pasta extruders. Function of a pasta roller is just like a manual pasta machine where you have to roll the pasta sheet through pasta roller instead of using the hand crank. There is a motorized attachment in there to make things easier for you. On the other hand, pasta extruder can deliver various pasta shapes instead just roll the dough and it can mix the dough as well.

Electric pasta machine

Differences between electric pasta machines:

We can make a difference between the two types of electric pasta machine based on their functions.

First major difference is, for the pasta roller you have to make the dough yourself but a pasta extruder can prepare the pasta dough itself by mixing all the ingredients inside the machine. If you intend to make a lot of pasta this machine will save you a lot of time.

The second difference would be based on the different shape of pasta. Both electric pasta makers can produce different types of pasta shape such as spaghetti, fettuccine, and lasagna but you can extend the shape like pence and fusilli with the help of pasta extruder.

Reviews of the best three Electric pasta machine:

Below I will try to give you basic reviews about the three best electric pasta maker in the market:

Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness:

The Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness definitely the best electric pasta roller on my reviews. This machine has the versatile capacity to produce a different kind of pasta shapes. It can be used in both way electric and manual and because of this quality it’s become one of the most useful kitchen equipment.

With the help of a motor attachment, you will able to make three different types of pasta sheet-like spaghetti, fettuccine, and lasagna. You can add more attachment to get more shapes and it is totally free from harmful metal particles.

One of the best reviews for this machine is its popularity all over the word. It the best seller pasta machine in Amazon and I would recommend you take a look of the Electric Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness.

Philips Pasta maker:

This particular machine will give you a whole new experience about the pasta making. It has the magical specification on it that make this machine a masterpiece. All in one feature make it the best automatic pasta machine in the market. It can mix the dough inside it and can produce the desired pasta in only 15 minutes. All you have to do is press the button.

This wonderful machine has four set of shaping cutter to make fettuccine, lasagna, penne and spaghetti. To make pappardelle and tagliatelle there is additional attachment also available. This machine has received thousands of positive reviews since it comes on the market in 2014.

Lello Pro Pasta maker:

The Lello Pro Pasta maker is also another pasta extruder that came first on 2005. After its launching this machine become one of the top three best-selling pasta makers on Amazon. This beautiful machine has six different types of pasta shape attachment to allow you experiment with the various types of pasta. Like the Philips pasta maker, it’s also can mix and roll the pasta dough inside the machine.

The Lello Pro Pastamaster comes with a pasta recipe book that contains 38 delicious pasta recipes. If you try to buy a cheaper one this machine would be your best option to choose from.

To end the reviews:

Those were best electric pasta maker in the market. We tried to give details in various pasta machines with ensuring the quality as well. Nothing like homemade food and I hope with this beautiful pasta machine you will enjoy making some pasta for yourself. Now as you know how to use pasta machine you can enjoy the happy meals!!

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