If you’ve decided that your business would benefit from an effective membership management software package, there are certain features that you’ll definitely need. In this digital era, it’s important for your software to be as up-to-date as possible so you can keep up in a competitive economic climate. Here are some features you won’t want to live without:

#1 Social Media

Businesses need to have a strong website and effective social media tactics in order to remain competitive in today’s digital climate. A membership software package should be about more than simply storing member information but should be an effective tool to reach out and connect with new customers. You need your information to work for you and social media management features will provide you with invaluable data for targeting new online marketing campaigns. It ties everything together nicely meaning less programmes are required for carrying out multiple tasks.

Essential Features of Membership Management Software

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#2 Online Payments

If your business takes online payments then having a separate payment processing provider means you’re being charged a small percentage for each transaction. While this may seem inconsequential at first, this amount soon adds up and you’ll be wishing you weren’t paying it. Many membership management programmes include free payment processing, which saves you money in the long-run and streamlines your work processes.

#3 Accurate Data

Storing your data in spreadsheets under your own steam leaves you open to the risks of losing data unexpectedly, mistyping information and excessive time spent recording and updating this data. As your organisation grows, this task becomes increasingly onerous so a management software package is a welcome solution. For Membership Management Software, visit www.satori-membership-management.co.uk. Your data will be safer in a cloud-based database, easily protected and accessible anywhere and anytime when connected to the internet.

#4 Marketing

Why go through the painstaking process of transferring member information into a separate email marketing software package? This task is wide open to human error with the possibility of duplication or typing errors. One system that is dedicated to storing member details and arranges email marketing makes life so much easier and more streamlined, saving you time to focus on other business needs.

Essential Features of Membership Management Software2

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# 5 Member Profiles

The other great feature about membership management software is the format of the information. When logging your own member data, you might not be recording or ordering the data in the most effective and helpful manner. A specific software package could help you immensely with fine details including: preferred contact methods, biographical information, overdue payments, contact details and household member data.

#6 Better Connections

Having a clear and concise overview of who your members or customers are will enable you to better connect with them. You will be able to plan marketing and events that appeal to their demographic. You’ll also be in a better position for tailoring your membership management software to more effectively meet their expectations from you and identify their needs.

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