Having the right tools will help to make your engineered wood flooring installation quicker, easier, and safer for both you and the floor. Whether you’re using the glue down or floating method, there are certain tools which will be essential to ensure you’ve got everything you need for success.

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Tape measures – A tape measure is useful for measuring long distances and large areas of your room. They are very handy and portable and roll up into their case when not in use, making them easy to store. For details on 12mm Laminate Wood Flooring, go to Irwin Tiles, suppliers of 12mm Laminate Wood Flooring

Hammer – If you need to hammer down nails into the flooring or remove any damaged boards, you’ll want to have a handy hammer in your tool bag. You’ll also want to use it to countersink the nails when you’re done so they aren’t visible, resulting in a more attractive finish for your floor.

Hand saw – A hand saw can be a quick and easy way to cut the flooring. It is more compact than a table saw and offers greater accuracy, making it a great backup for your main tool of choice.

Floor profiles – There are many wood profile types available to create a more professional looking finish when you’re installing your new engineered hardwood floor. They are often required to cover the expansion gap left after the floating method and can be a good idea to consider if you’re connecting different rooms or installing through doors.

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Glue – If you’re laying your flooring using the glue down method, you’ll need some specialist strong adhesive and a trowel to apply it. You’ll also need safety gloves and goggles to protect yourself.

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