Online research is often the first step that a potential customer will take before visiting a dealership with the aim of purchasing a vehicle. They may select two or three cars which suit their personal and professional needs, then visit the showroom to view the cars. This eliminates the need for cold viewings and knee-jerk decisions when it comes to making a purchase. The average car buyer used to visit five showrooms, but as online facilities have evolved, that figure has now dropped to two.

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More Than Half of Car Buyers Spend Time on Online Research

According to Autotrader, car buyers spend 59% of their time researching online. Multiple devices, such as a tablet, a desktop computer, a laptop and a phone are used by 46% of shoppers, research from Autotrader shows. The figures also reveal that 78% of shoppers use third-party sites.

When prospective car buyers go online, 71% research the cost, while 68% zoom in on individual cars listed by the vendor. A total of 64% compare the various models, and 63% seek out information on what their own car is worth, according to the Autotrader data.

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Car buyers will also research the cost of insurance online.

According to a New Autoshopper Study, 22% of prospective buyers use a social media site to seek out information about a vehicle, a figure which has risen from 16% in 2015. YouTube is used by most people (13%), while 7% use DealerRater and 5% turn to Facebook.

According to Small Biz Trend, the pricing structure of social media allows car firms to launch campaigns for a local market as specific demographics can be taken into consideration.

Low Number of Shoppers Are Swayed by Reviews on Social Media

Of the internet-savvy shoppers who use social media sites, 13% say information and reviews on social media sites swayed their decision, while only 2% claim that a social media channel was the ‘most useful site’ of those websites visited, according to the New Autoshopper Study. The data also shows that Facebook is the site chosen by most people (88%) who want to post a photograph of their new car, followed by Instagram at 21%.

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