The job market is a tough environment for job seekers but it’s also tough for businesses who want to attract those dream candidates with the best experience and expertise. So how can you attract top talent while you’re running a relatively small business to increase the chances of you having a great team and a successful business?

Before you recruit, it’s a good idea to develop your company’s culture. Getting this right is really important and the next step is to communicate what you’re doing to keep your employees on board.  By identifying and developing your company’s brand you can make sure yours is an employer of choice. Getting your internal company culture right, you’ll be surprised by how quickly word will get around about how great it is to work for your brand.

Finding your ideal candidate

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Clearly defining the job role is essential if you have no internal candidates and you need look outside of your organisation to recruit. The first step is to think carefully about the job description. Be truthful, clear, accurate and very focused on what you want but also on what you are going to offer. This is not an area for ambiguity. Selling the job is just as important as the candidate needing to sell themselves. Explain the chances for training and progression and speak about the culture of your company. If any of these areas lack accuracy or explanation then you won’t be getting the best calibre of person responding to your adverts.

If you want to reach out to the right people you’ve got to know where to find them, which websites they are visiting and which social network they partake of. Some software programmes can help you find your target audience by seeking them out through their favourite websites and there are loads of organisations that can help you do this. There is no point in having a great ad, if it’s in totally the wrong place. Also remember to tell people if they will need a DBS Check. For more information, visit

So if you’ve posted a really good advert and job description in the right place and one which attracts the right candidates, the next important decision needs to be who you are going to assign to run the interview.  It’s no good spending time and effort drawing up candidates and then blow it all by not having prepared interviewers. Just finding someone who’s not too busy to do one won’t cut it. You’ve got to put the best people on the job.

A quality, high calibre candidate is not daft and they know when they’re being given a second best or  sloppy interview. There is simply no excuse for being too busy and being badly prepared is even worse and disrespectful. If you want the best candidates then you must put your best people in front of the candidates you want. Interviewers need to sell your company with everything they do and say, and by the way they act.  Top candidates will have plenty of other job opportunities so yours needs to be the slickest and best.

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