While loft conversions and extensions may be a good way to boost the value of your home, they’re also time-consuming and expensive projects. Luckily, there are lots of small improvements you can make instead.

Are home improvements worth it?

The average house price in the UK fell by 0.3% in February 2023 , meaning that the average price in the UK is now £287,506. So, if you’re looking to add pounds onto the price of your home, then here are five easy ways to do it.

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Five ways to maximise your house value

1. Update your decor. The first thing that potential buyers will notice is your decoration, which can be the difference between a good first impression and a great first impression. Paint walls in fresh, neutral colours, and update drawers and cupboards with fresh paint and new handles.

2. Landscape the garden. Outside space is a key area for many potential buyers, so it’s important to make sure that gardens look as inviting as possible. Think about adding outdoor seating, installing a fire pit, or sprucing up patio spaces.

3. Makeover the bathroom. Buyers love to see a fresh and clean bathroom. This can be achieved without much effort by replacing old taps, installing a new shower curtain, and cleaning tile grouting.

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4. Service the boiler. Although there is no legal requirement to do so, prospective buyers may ask when the boiler was last serviced. This guarantees that the new owners won’t be faced with unexpected bills after moving in. Firms such as hprservicesltd.com/cheltenham-boilers/boiler-repair-cheltenham/ can provide boiler repair Cheltenham and elsewhere, as well as gas safety certificates and boiler servicing. Although a boiler service or repair will involve a small outlay, it’s a great way to add extra value.

5. Turn spare rooms into home offices. More and more of us are working from home, so having a ready-made office space is very appealing to many buyers.

Whether you’re looking to sell your house straight away, or you’re building an investment for the future, these tips will be sure to help you on your way.

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