If you are needing to install new water supply pipes, we would always recommend thorough research on the items that you require, to ensure you purchase the correct pipes and fittings. It can also be beneficial to speak to a professional.

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What will you require?

The type of pipework needed will depend on what it is that you’re installing. However, this will often include copper pipes and copper pipe fittings. These can come in a variety of different sizes and may be used with connectors that can be heated up and soldered to the pipework. This involves melting metal with a soldering torch, to create a seal between the pipe and the connector. There is a range of different connectors, including tees, elbow joints, straight couplings and also reducers.

Professionals such as watkinspowis.co.uk/products/copper-pipe-fittings-and-press-systems will be able to advise if the traditional soldered pipe is the best option for the work you are planning. Some copper pipe fittings can be paired with the pipework and then crimped with a crimping tool or press-on clamp.

Compression and push-fit joints are popular because they do not require soldering. They can be both installed and removed with ease. They are ideal for use in areas where it wouldn’t be safe or convenient to use a soldering torch.

It is also important to install an isolation valve, in case of an emergency or maintenance. According to the HSE, the location of isolation valves should be an important consideration.

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Why are copper pipe fittings used?

Copper has been used in water pipework for years and it is popular due to being strong and reliable. When copper pipework is correctly installed, it will last for years, making it more cost-effective than other options and very low maintenance.

Copper is a great heat conductor, which keeps water pipes warmer. When using copper pipework on your shower and bathroom taps, this can allow you to have hotter water.

Copper pipework is safe to drink from, so it can be used for pipework that supplies drinking water to your home.

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