For businesses at the moment it is an extremely worrying time. Many businesses have been forced to adapt to the post covid world in order to survive, and with the rules and regulations seeming to change constantly, running a business in these times can be a minefield.

For some businesses, it is harder than others. For example, the tourism and hospitality industries have been hit particularly difficult, as many of the restrictions make it completely impossible for them to operate as a business at all. Some pubs and restaurants have started takeaway services to keep the business afloat – which has been welcomed by customers who want a bit of normality during these strange times.

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As things start to return to some semblance of normal and rules start to relax, businesses are looking to how they can continue to run going forward, whilst observing the rules and ensuring that customers and staff are as safe as possible.

One of the ways they can do this is by using card payments only rather than cash – using an online payment gateway from a company such as will be a great help going forward.

Other companies have been asking that customers and staff wear masks or face coverings, and some pubs are looking to open back up with bar staff being supplied with a Perspex face shield to ensure they are protected whilst people make orders.

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Although these are difficult times for businesses, things will start to improve and there is help out there and advice for businesses that are struggling during these strange days.

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