Drone Filming Companies like https://www.skypower.co.uk know all too well how powerful drones are and what great footage they can capture. Filming drones or camera drones work by combining together a number of different technologies.

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Flight control – one of the most important parts of the drone is the flight control system that allows the drone to be flown. It includes elements such as gyroscopes, GPS and accelerometers. All of these elements work together to help orientate the drone and keep it stable.

Propulsion – in order for the drone to fly it requires the use of a number of propellers. It is possible to adjust the speed of the propellers to help manoeuvre it in different directions.

Camera Mounting – the camera gimbals are what keep the camera stable during the flight and help to produce shake-free footage. The gimbals work by compensating for any movements during the flight.

GPS – it is important that drones have GPS tracking to ensure that they are in the accurate position. They help with the flight journey of the drone as well as helping to locate where the drone is in relation to the operator.

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Live feed – some drones have a real-time live feed option which allows the pilot and filmmaker to see what footage is being captured. This can be useful when looking at landscapes that are otherwise inaccessible or when filming wildlife.

There are many other elements to a drone but the ones mentioned above are some of the most important ones.

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