Success is not just about what you accomplish at work, it’s about how you inspire those around you and progress as a team. So how can you encourage your workforce to take this on board and introduce a renewed sense of togetherness to the team?

How Great Teamwork Can Create a Stronger Office Culture

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Regular Team Meetings

Team meetings are a great way to discuss the work you do as a team. They also break up your employees’ day and give them a time and place to air their opinions and update others on business matters, while allowing managers to praise positive team developments which in turn can lift spirits. However, be sure to keep the get-togethers consistent. Some employees, for example, might note a particular point they want to raise, so if you keep on cancelling meetings, they may wind up never addressing it.

Team Building Corporate Events

They say don’t mix work and pleasure, but studies show that team building activities can impact greatly on the morale of a workforce. By getting your staff to work together as a team, you are enabling them to inspire and learn from one another, build up trust, and encourage healthy risk-taking. Not only can it do wonders for working relationships, it can also support the blending of differing yet complementary personal strengths as well as teach individuals how to resolve conflict in a light-hearted manner.

How Great Teamwork Can Create a Stronger Office Culture2

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Lead by Example

If you want your workforce to thrive, you need to motivate them and remind them that you are all working towards the same goal. Promoting a wide sense of ownership across the business is just one simple way of making your employees feel proud of their, and the company’s, achievements, and feel that their contribution is valued. Teamwork is not just about making the individual team members feel great, it also benefits the company – happy workers are hard workers. Just take a look at Richard Branson’s leadership ethics, for example, who recognises that teamwork is vital to getting through struggles.

Effective teamwork is such a simple concept but has such a big impact on the success of a business. Each team member brings something new to a team, so all efforts to encourage teamwork need to be inclusive, and be clear about the objective.

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