Technology is evolving at an ever-increasing rate, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the most current solutions. But technology can be a hugely valuable asset when it comes to growing your business. Here are some technologies that you shouldn’t neglect when you come to think about how best to scale up.

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Cloud Computing

You’re more than likely already using some form of cloud computing solution, whether that’s Google Docs or Microsoft Office 365. Cloud computing can allow you to have workers all over the world, accessible at any moment and able to contribute their skills and experience to your business. It can also mean effective collaboration, even when your collaborators aren’t present in your office.

Online software, remotely accessible files and virtual private networks are allowing businesses to become truly global without necessarily having to set up multiple offices in multiple countries. If you’re not yet using cloud-based solutions to grow your business, it’s something you should certainly be considering.

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Customer Relationship Management

A Customer Relationship Management system makes organising communications with your customers simple and straightforward. No matter how complicated your customer needs may be, a CRM will enable you to schedule calls and support emails and give each and every customer the support they need. As well as making your customer liaisons more efficient, a good CRM can also increase your conversion rate and your profits.

Software is also available to help you manage your suppliers and vendors. Supplier management software is readily available, with companies such as offering comprehensive solutions that will centralise and simplify your relationship with your suppliers and vendors.

Social Media

According to Social Media Examiner, an overwhelming number of marketers rate social media as one of the most important tools in the work they do, but up to 85% of people are unsure how to approach social media. Given the power inherent in social media and the ability of channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more to build brand recognition and excitement, social media is an essential tool for most businesses.

You’re almost certainly making use of some form of social media to enhance your business, but it may be worth evaluating how efficiently and thoroughly you’re using this new and powerful technology to ensure that you’re getting the very best results.

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