When you break something valuable or important to you, don’t just put it to one side with the idea of mending it some day. Instead, remind yourself that there’s a glue for that and find out how to fix it.

Perhaps you have accidentally knocked your favourite ornament off the shelf, the handle came off your favourite mug or china tea cup, a wooden photo frame is coming apart at the edges, or a lampshade is starting to come apart at the seams.

How to glue everything

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Many household items such as these can be fixed with a pot of glue. The secret is knowing which type of glue to use for different materials.

There’s a glue for that!

Mugs, tea cups and other bits of broken crockery can be mended using instant adhesive, which is clear-drying and works in seconds. The glue will dry quickly, so make sure the pieces are lined up correctly. This type of glue will also stick down the rubber edges or soles to your trainers. Make sure you don’t glue your fingers together. If you do, it can easily be removed with cooking oil or some nail varnish removers.

Wooden items, such as chairs or picture frames, can be mended with wood or carpenter’s glue. It is best to clamp down the pieces while they are drying so they bond together well. If you are mending outdoor wooden furniture, make sure the glue is waterproof.

Glues suitable for metals

To stick metal to wood or wood to brick, you will need a polyurethane glue. This can take up to 24 hours to seal, so you will need to clamp, tape or weigh down the pieces you are sticking together. This glue is useful for a number of repair jobs, such as stocking house numbers or names to your wooden door or brick wall. This type of glue works well on many materials including glass, brick, wood, ceramics, metals and rubber, according to Adhesives.org.

For metals, you might want to try a metal bonding adhesive, such as those available from www.ct1ltd.com/en. These products are fast, strong and suitable for metals such as aluminium, copper, iron, brass, bronze and cast iron.

Always take care when using glues so you do not stick the wrong things, and keep them out of the reach of children.

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