If you’ve built your company website using WordPress then you have the option to create WordPress forms within your site. However, there are times when Google Forms are a better option, allowing you to share information across platforms, email lists and even other websites. Using Google Forms also allows you to store all the information on your own Google Drive, where you can share the data with colleagues.

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According to Small Business Bonfire, Google Forms is particularly useful for data capture in the form of feedback surveys, which you can tailor to your specific requirements, allowing you to find out how satisfied your visitors are with your website.

Easy DIY process

To create a Google Form, simply head to the website. You will need to provide a title and a description before you can begin adding fields. The system uses artificial intelligence algorithms to help you to select fields of the correct length, but if you find that it selects an option that you are not happy with, you can simply override the automatic selection and input your own desired field length. The system is designed to help you throughout, so if you need to include anything else, such as additional fields, or perhaps video or images, simply click the ‘add’ button and make your selection.

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When you are happy with every aspect of your form you need to click on ‘Send’ in order to obtain the embed code. This triggers a pop-up with embedded code, which you will then need to copy. Next, you should navigate to your WordPress site and open the page where you plan to embed your new form. Click on ‘Text’ to the top right-hand side of your text editor, and paste in your copied embedded code where you want the form to appear. Finish by pressing either ‘Save’ or ‘Publish’ and you should be done!

Professional help

Of course, you could also hire professionals to help you with the process if you don’t feel confident doing it alone. You can easily find great WordPress web design in London, or anywhere in the UK, with companies such as https://happy2host.com offering many years of experience in website design for both large and small companies.

Whether you go it alone or seek professional help, Google Forms will add real value to your website.

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