It doesn’t matter if you are a small business with only a handful of staff, or a large conglomerate with hundreds of different employees, it’s very important to keep track of any visitors or tradesmen as they come in and out of your premises.  Ultra secure places like GCHQ in Cheltenham or Central Government, educational facilities like schools, and colleges, or medical centres, hospitals and Care Homes, all these locations need a fool proof Visitor Management System UK.  A comprehensive Digital Signing in procedure that replaces the old-fashioned signing in book for visitors or staff. When you are a small company, you don’t want a valuable team member to be taken off their important customer duties to spend time checking people in and out so having this ultra-modern system in place allows them to continue with their essential daily routines.

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This futuristic system can create and print off photo identity name badges for your visitors, and your staff can all carry key fobs or cards with official barcodes that allow them to tap in and out whenever they choose. Of course, all the confidential personnel data is stored securely within the system, and it complies with all the stringent rules of (GDPR), General Data Protection Regulations.

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Not only is this a state-of-the-art Visitor Management System it can represent your company too, by including your Brand Identity, colours, logo and images.

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