Summer is almost here again and if last summer’s temperatures were anything to go by, this year could be another scorcher! Things can get a little hot and bothered in the workplace, whether that’s on site or in the office, so here are some handy tips on how to keep your cool when things heat up.

Wear light-coloured clothing

During the summer, lightweight and light in colour clothing are the ideal choice. Choose natural fabrics like cotton, silk and linen as they absorb sweat and evaporate it, helping you to remain cool. Dar colours and manmade fabrics absorb light and heat and are often heavier in weight. Try to ditch the standard black and navy-blue business attire and choose light greys or white instead.

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Keep covered

This might sound like the opposite of what you should do but wearing more can keep you cooler. Think about those who live in the hottest parts of the world. They often cover themselves head to toe in natural, light fabrics to protect their skin and keep them shaded. The looser the clothing choice, the better for air to circulate.

Shut the window

Another tip that sounds counter-intuitive is closing the window on a hot day. Yes, a breeze is pleasant but opening the window is just letting in the hot air, unless it’s really cooler outside. Opening a window when air conditioning is on is even worse, as you’re simply letting out all the cooled air. The best advice is to keep the window shut and draw the blind to keep the sun out of the room. If you’re lucky, you’ll work in a building with a brise soleil system, designed to keep the sun out during the peak heat of the day. For more information on Brise Soleil, visit


During hot weather, we sweat more and lose more fluids, so it’s vital to drink lots of water to keep you feeling good and keep you cool.

Stay low

Heat rises, so it’s makes sense that the lower down you are, the cooler it will be. If you’re lucky enough to have a building with a basement, then head down there to work. Even just going down one floor can make a big difference.

Lay off the caffeine

Most people need their daily fix of tea or coffee, but these won’t help you to stay cool. Caffeine raises heart rate and speeds up the metabolism, raising your internal body temperature.

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Frozen snacks

While most of us turn to ice lollies in the summer, frozen fruit is actually a better choice. A sweet treat that’s refreshingly cold and good for you too. When the weather heats up, pop some fruit in the freezer like watermelon, pineapple, grapes, lemon and lime. Also great for adding to drinks for a cool, refreshing experience.

Avoid hot electronics

Devices like tablets, laptops, phones and computers all consist of metal which is a strong heat absorber. Portable devices also contain batteries which are prone to overheating, particularly in the summer. Keep devices away from your skin and if using a laptop, consider an external keyboard to keep the heat of the device away from your body.



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