The marketing landscape has changed over the last two decades. New digital technologies and social media channels mean that companies can reach their target audience just about anywhere nowadays.

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Another type of marketing that allows a customer to fully immerse themselves in a brand or product is now also proving very popular and successful. The aim is to provide an experience that connects with people on an emotional level, and triggering a response from any, or all, of the five senses is an important tool to achieve this. One of these is the sense of smell, so let’s take a look at some things you will need to know about adding scent to your marketing plan.

Is scent marketing the same as scent branding?

The short answer is no. Scent branding involves creating a signature scent that is instantly recognisable as connected to your brand. It is as unique to your brand as your logo.

Why does adding a scent work?

Our sense of smell is the only one that we can’t turn off. It is directly linked to our brains and creates an automatic response once it is triggered. This is why Essential Oils work so well in helping to calm our nervous systems. Scents are also closely linked to memories; they remind us of experiences and emotions we have experienced previously, both positive and negative.

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This form or marketing is used to create an olfactory reaction from customers and to enhance their environment with the sole purpose of encouraging them to buy more. According to the Independent, some big brands have been successfully using the technique for some time.

Get it right, and you are likely to see increased footfall and sales, while your customers will have a better experience and are more likely to form an emotional bond to your brand that can increase their loyalty in the long term.

If you’re looking at alternative marketing strategies or you want to expand your current range of tactics, this is certainly one to consider.

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