We have all seen it – an overflowing bin next to a colleague’s desk. Maybe it is your bin that is always playing its own little game of Jenga, balancing drinks bottles on top of crumpled up balls of paper and empty food packets. Regardless of who’s bin it is you can find yourself in situation where you bin is the perpetrator in rubbish induced slip or trip. Now whilst your Office cleaning in Cheltenham company like http://intocleaning.co.uk/services/office-cleaning/ can help with your everyday cleaning and emptying of bins, you can help by ensuring that there are enough recycling and normal bins located around the office. Slips and trips are one of the most common work-based accidents.

The number one reported accident in the office workplace is trips and falls. Boxes and other items in small hallways, loose fitting carpets, trailing cables and overflowing bins dropping items on the floor are all potential tripping hazards.

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The second most likely accident to occur is injuries from lifting items. These don’t necessarily need to be heavy or awkwardly shaped items. Lifting even a light box can cause injuries to your back and neck if not done correctly. A colleague of mine caused his back to go into spasm by leaning awkwardly across the desk to reach his keyboard. As he straightened up his back locked and he ended up being taken out of the office on a stretcher and was out of work recovering for over a week. Workers who have to lift and move items on a regularly basis whether this is boxes in a warehouse or perhaps people if working in the care industry, staff and required to attend manual handling courses regular in order to minimise the risk to their health.

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Next is the likelihood of injury caused by the use of incorrect equipment and furniture at your desk. Having your computer screen at the wrong height and using the wrong type of chair at your desk can cause problems with your back and neck and can cause muscle strain, eye strain and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

Last in the list is the possibility of falling items. The risk of this is obviously increased if you work within a business that stores items above head height. Warehouses and factories have increased risks of injuries from falling objects and they often have very stringent risk policies to prevent this from happening.

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