With the focus on trying to create greener and greater buildings in the country, there is still the need to have the basic tools for the construction job in the first place. What machines do we need to make sure that the build runs smoothly, efficiently and is finished on time and on budget? There are a vast array of construction vehicles which have certainly sped up the build process and enabled the men and women of the site to be able to cut production time down dramatically.

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The first thing that they will need to use is the inclusion of a Hydraulic Power Unit. Hydraproducts are one of the best providers of these handy devices. Some jobs need that bit more than what the standard units provide and a Hydraulic Power unit can produce that boost when needed.

The use of machines depends very much on the type of job that is required. If there is an element of demolition involved, there may be the need to level a site of the existing buildings, if it is the development of a brownfield site for example, then a wrecking crew will be needed. This usually involves the use of a wrecking ballĀ  unit but this can be too general and a more precise tool such as a mini digger fitted with a hydraulic gouger, can make short work of the interiors or weaken the structure so much that the wrecking ball can make even quicker work of the surplus buildings destruction.

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The groundwork of the new buildings still falls on the old stalwart digger and front scoop bucket excavator. CombiningĀ  this with a dump wagon can see huge amounts of soil moved and removed if necessary. To speed this up some wagons are now fitted with their own hydraulic arm to speed up the part of the construction and release the excavators to do other work elsewhere. This leaves them free to set about creating trenches for pipework and the connection to the mains for electrics and preparation for the concrete foundations. This foundations can also be laid with the help of machines. Rollers are used to ensure that the smoothness of the foundations are absolutely perfect and ready for the most important part of the construction to begin, namely the building itself.

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