Lighting is an element of home décor and through varying level of illumination pattern you can achieve predetermined emotional responses. Lighting can be ‘soft’ that provides a more relaxing environment and it can be ‘hard’ that produces cheerful effects. Besides enhancing the color, ambience and accent of your room, lighting has mood creating aspects too. Effective ambient lighting will not only act as therapy for your bad mood but can also be used to dramatize elements of interior design. If you are planning for a specific or whole-house lighting makeover, consider these tips for every room.

  • Bedroom

Bedroom – Our personal or private heaven. Table lamps flanking the bed with custom shades can create a flattering atmosphere in bedroom. If you love reading books in bed, then layer some articulated sconces above the headboard. What about strip lights? Strip lighting installed with a motion sensor works well at night time when you don’t want to disturb your partner.

  • Living room

If you want to add a little ambient light to the living room, wall sconces are a great option for this. Either place them on two sides of a mirror or above a piece of art. For casting a very ‘human level’ illumination in the living room, install floor lamps.

  • Kitchen

Usually kitchens have windows that provide enough natural lighting in the ‘heart’ of the home. But a little accent lighting in kitchen is pleasing and brighten things up. Under cabinet lighting is the best way to illuminate your work areas. If you have kitchen island, install chandelier or pendant lighting for detail oriented chores.

  • Bathroom

Bathroom is perfect for light “layering.” The concept of layering is related to the use of multiple levels and intensities of illumination. A boring way to illuminate your bathroom is to go with wall-mounted placement. Go with the modern version, and install three wall sconces, two on either side of the mirror, and one on an opposing wall.

  • Entry points

Entryway lighting is an indication of what style a visitor might find in the rest of the house. Ambient light is a welcoming touch to entry points. An easy way to add decorative touch to an entryway is formal torchiere. Glass wall sconces are ideal for a stairwell near an entryway. Recessed or ceiling-mounted fixtures can provide a different touch to the hallways.

Selecting the right light fixture will make your room shine like never before and will create certain moods such as: restfulness, gaiety, warmth, and coolness. So create a visually compelling atmosphere and amp up the décor of a room with ambient lighting.

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