While shelves may not be the most exciting aspect of shopfitting and design, they are one of the most important. As well as displaying products to their best advantage, the right shelves should be practical, durable, easy to maintain and accessible to customers. The best shelves for your shop will depend on they style of your shop, and the type of items you stock.

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Entrepreneur magazine highlights the importance of making your shop stand out so that customers will remember it, and the right shelving is a large part of the overall look of your establishment.

Wire Shelves

Wire shelving is versatile, tough and contemporary. Often suited to modern retail outlets due to its minimalist appearance, wire shelving allows light to filter through to even the lowest shelves. It’s also great for heavier or bulkier items as it can be manufactured with different weight capacities. Dublin shopfitting outfits will be able to advise you on the best wire shelf specifications for your particular requirements, as well as helping you choose the most effective configuration for your retail space. Standalone wire shelving units can be combined with wall units to make full use of your floor space.

Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are a great option for smaller shops in particular, as they don’t use up valuable floor space. By making use of walls, you can display more stock and create a more interesting store. If you sell high priced products, displaying a single item or small group of items on an uncluttered wall shelf is a quick and easy way to make an impact. A quick internet search for ‘where can I locate a Dublin Shopfitting company?‘ or similar will reveal a host of professional shopfitters who can help you create the exact look you want in your store.

Industrial Shelves

Many contemporary and design-led shops favour the industrial look that is currently in fashion. Traditionally used in outlets that sell large, bulky or heavy items, such as DIY stores, industrial shelving has been given a new lease of life in recent years as fashionable retailers use it to create eye-catching displays of products. It is especially effective when combined with utilitarian style lighting, brick or plain painted walls, wooden or stone flooring and minimalist decor.

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