There’s no denying it – some properties just have terrible ceiling beams. Whether they are girders or historic, they can still be unsightly and the appearance of an ugly ceiling can ruin the entire look of the room.

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However, ugly beams in a beautiful house or apartment shouldn’t be seen as a reason to call the estate agent. There are several practical ways in which they can be disguised and improved. We have put together a list of our preferred methods below.

Swap Out Ugly Tiles

Installing a drop ceiling can also be an effective way of quickly hiding structural beams. Forget those ugly, stained office-style tiles; new lines in attractive panels are now readily available. A drop ceiling is perhaps one of the easiest solutions for occupants living in their own home. Once the grid is in place, tiles can be replaced as fashions change, without the need to rip out the old frame.

Paint and Pad

Another option for hiding the appearance of beams can be achieved with a little creativity. Depending on the size and position of the beams, and on whether you own the property or not, you could consider masking the beams with filler and paper. Consider creating a flat temporary ceiling with Styrofoam panels between the beams. This can be papered over and painted to provide the illusion of a flat, clean ceiling. It’s worth mentioning however, that this is not a long-term fix but might last the length of your contract.

Sheets and Staple Guns

For those in a hurry or likewise, anyone with a creative flair, a set of large pale sheets attached to the ceiling with industrial staples can be a good way of hiding beams and creating the appearance of bespoke tensile fabric structures in your own home. Websites like and others can be a great source of inspiration.

Refurbish Your Beams

However, if you’re suffering from low ceilings as well as ugly beams, regeneration might be your only practical choice. With wooden beams, consider hiring a sander and varnishing or repainting the newly smoothed down beams. If you have metal girders, it’s always possible to construct wood casing to give the beams a more pleasing look.

Whatever method you choose, remember your beams are there for a reason and be glad that they’re doing their job.

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