Any groups of people that join together for a shared interest, enjoyment of a sport or work-based association, for example, usually have their membership information and contact details held electronically.

Marketing and remarketing to your membership

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In the current e-based environment, this can be essential to keep everyone up to date with information, changes to event plans, and a ‘real time’ contact point for questions and problems.

Membership management system options

If you extend this list of data and incorporate it into membership management systems, this suddenly becomes a very powerful tool. Having details of people with a common interest is a marketing gift and will give you the opportunity to target members with very appropriate information. A proper management system will allow you to cherry-pick who you want to contact, when you want to contact them, and even to personalise the marketing to the individual.

System benefits

If used effectively, this will offer valuable, relevant information to your members, which in turn will result in them promoting your group and increasing your membership. A larger membership will offer you stronger purchasing power, the opportunity to negotiate discounts, and provide a larger network opportunity for your group members.

You may think that a larger membership means more work and a heavier administration commitment; however, this is not necessarily the case. There are several management solutions on the market from companies such as that offer automated systems to help you to perform these routine tasks. Systems can be set up to do exactly what is relevant to your group, with the initial investment easily recoupable due to the larger membership and through greater buying power.

Additional functions such as membership shops, either for members to sell their own products or for suppliers to offer discounted products, can be incorporated into the system, which can be set up as money generating or perhaps to support a charity relevant to the group.

Introducing a forum can offer members an invaluable tool when it comes to problem solving and seeking advice from more experienced members. The addition of a library of relevant literature, government papers, research information or simply member-suggested reading material can prove a strong tool to promote membership.

Overall, an effective membership system can offer a wide range of benefits to your group members and will provide your group with a highly-professional image.

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