The last few years have been difficult for the pub and bar industry, with stories of local pubs closing featuring in the media every week. Things are starting to pick up again, but there is still a lot of uncertainty out there, and a lot of competition. So how do you make sure your business is banking the cash that’s there?

Maximising Profit From Your Soft Drinks And Mixers

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Waste Not Want Not

Make sure you can account for your drinks. Train all your staff on how you expect drinks to be served (how big is “a dash,” for example?) and make sure everyone is charging the right amount.

It goes without saying that dispensing equipment should be regularly maintained and serviced – it’s a legal requirement – but it also keeps track of how much you’re giving away. The How To Run A Pub site outlines weights and measures in more detail.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Soft drinks, especially served with food, have the biggest profit margin for your business. Everyone knows that cola, then lemonade, are by far the biggest sellers, but is that because people just aren’t offered anything else?

Many people would be more than happy to try something a little different given the chance, and others could be persuaded. Statista outlines the most popular non-alcoholic drinks in the UK.

Create Some Theatre

Give your customers something to look at. People are persuaded to buy with all their senses so make an instant impact and try a Kilner jar on the bar with delicious Sicilian lemonade. Add real lemons. The colour impact and the smell will work wonders – why do all supermarkets have their fruit and vegetables at the front of the store?

Brewery marketing departments put a lot of effort into tap designs, so add something interesting to your draught dispense soft drink taps.

And lastly, make the most of your staff. Get them to tell your customers what’s new this week and why they might like it. Lemonade or ginger beer are something a bit different for the designated driver to have in a beer garden all evening.

Contact a draught soft drinks supplier to extend your range. Many, such as will detail their range on their website.

Give your bar more non-alcoholic options and once people start talking, you’ll see the benefits.

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