When it was accessed mainly via dial-up connections or early broadband links, the internet was very much tied to your home or office computer. Now, however, mobile access means we’re free of these constraints and can access the internet from almost anywhere.

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More and more of us are accessing the Web from our mobile devices, and in many parts of the world mobile offers the first access that many people have had. This is set to grow still further over the next five years or so, with more people accessing the internet via mobile and those that already do so using it more.

Don’t Miss Out

If you run a business and you have a website, this shift is important. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, then you could well be missing out on customers. Go to a web design agency in London today, and they’ll stress how vital it is to make your site mobile-ready.

Mobile internet is increasingly available and increasingly affordable. As consumers turn to mobile use in ever larger numbers, they won’t want to put up with the frustrations of accessing a desktop site – having to zoom in and move the screen around to read all the text. This is particularly frustrating when you are searching for items in a hurry. Perhoas you are looking for a Concrete Tewkesbury company such as  https://www.monstermixconcrete.co.uk/concrete-tewkesbury/ to help with a new car park or an emergency plumber. In both these cases you want the websites to be fully mobile friendly.

Why It Matters

In a city such as London there are many thousands of businesses, but you’ll only get customers if they’re able to find you. Thanks to the geo-location features of smartphones, an internet search can pull up businesses in the local area. This is great if you’re running something like a restaurant or shop, as you’re easily accessible to both locals and visitors alike.

For any type of business, though, a website that’s ready for mobile ensures that you won’t lose customers to your competitors and shows that you’re an up-to-date, go-ahead business. You’re also increasingly likely to be penalised in search engine listings if your site doesn’t have a mobile version available.

Whether you’re setting up a site for the first time or giving an existing one a makeover, making it mobile-friendly is a top priority.

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