Becoming more and more smart, technology is now turning to improve our kitchens with their ‘wonders never cease to amaze’ array of gadgetry. With technology evolving and making its way into our home, we now have smart fridges and other smart appliances that can tell you whether your roast needs turning or, from a distance, if your washing machine load has finished its cycle. These gadgets can be a great help to your House Keeper London based that you found from ready for when they are creating some tasty evening meals for the family.

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Not only are there smart appliances, but now we have gadgets such as magnetic tongs, chopping boards that weigh vegetables and intelligent pans than can cook you the perfect steak. But how useful and beneficial are these really to the home kitchen?

What Gadgets Are Out There?

Stefano Marangon, founder of Thingk, aims to bring to the market the advances in technology. They have introduced smart chopping boards and timers, claiming these are the most common tools in a majority of homes. Drop have produced smart scales that accurately measure and convert scale recipe proportions down to the quantity that you might be using in your preparation.

Helping or Hurting?

Miele claims their smart appliances can help the elderly or disabled people to live a more independent life whilst keeping them safe in their homes. For example, a warning on the mirror can remind them to check the oven.

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What about those of us that don’t need reminding and start using this smart technology? Could it be argued it will make a lazy nation of us? And at what point will this smart technology shift from helping us to hurting us really?

What Do Chefs Say?

Carla Roque, a pastry chef, comments that if one cannot use one’s own skill in calculating, observing and deciding in a kitchen, then perhaps they shouldn’t be a chef. This, frankly, does seem to be a valid point. Andre Dang, the managing director of Manfood, states that smart gadgets are costly and not practical for a commercial kitchen, as they need replacing often.

Smart technology can be useful in certain circumstances, but ultimately if you want to be a professional chef, perhaps relying on your gadgets to create the magic for you is not the way forward.

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