St Patrick’s Day is approaching and with it comes a big opportunity for businesses to cash in on the popularity of this Irish celebration.

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Although traditionally an occasion for the Irish to commemorate their heritage, St Patrick’s Day is now celebrated worldwide and not just in Ireland. A report from the BBC stated that in 2019, 400 landmarks in over 50 countries of the world were lit up green to pay homage to the special Celtic occasion.

But while St Patrick’s Day is essentially a celebration, it is – like many other holidays – also a lucrative business opportunity. So how can you market the day at your ecommerce business?

Social media promotions

Social media is a great way to engage with your online community and having St Patrick’s Day themed promotions will get people interacting and involved. Invite your followers to take part in an activity, giveaway or challenge with some sort of prize at the end. If you can encourage them to like and share your content then it’s free advertising. If you simply want to offer the bait in return for their engagement, that’s cool too. Ultimately, topical events like this are a perfect way to get people involved.

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Design St Patricks Day gifts

People tend to swap St Patricks Day gifts, so having a range of unique, quirky products available is a good way to get people spending. It’s a time of frivolity and many people like to dress up and be silly. Costumes, slogan tee shirts and novelty gifts would all be lucrative products to offer at this time of year. So if you are a product driven company, particularly in the fashion or gift market, make sure you have a wide range of St Patricks day gifts on offer over the next few weeks and you’ll be sure to cash in from the celebrations.

Stay true to your brand

St Patrick’s Day isn’t the most serious of days and if you have a more sophisticated brand then you may be worried that plastering leprechauns, pints of Guinness and Irish themed slogans all over your marketing material isn’t reflecting the true nature of your brand. Work with your marketing team to create classy designs that can draw on the relevance of the day without going too far into the realms of frivolity.

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