If you are looking to improve the productivity of your staff, an inspiring office design is essential. A small office with cramped workspaces and prison cell windows is just not going to cut it if you want to get the most out of people. The most cutting-edge offices have a range of different spaces and environments, artwork, modern technology and ambient lighting. Let’s take a look at what it takes to create a productive office environment.

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Different areas

Employees are more productive if they have a variety of different spaces in which to work. This means creating spaces reserved purely for relaxation, which could be something as simple as an area filled with beanbags and books to a room with pool and table tennis tables.

Focus areas are another idea that is increasing in popularity amongst office designers. These are rooms designed to take workers away from the office buzz – areas where they can bunker away and get some real work done without any distractions from co-workers.

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Bring nature inside

Known as biophilia, this concept of bringing the outside in mimics the human desire to be close to nature. Plants and greenery boost people’s sense of wellbeing and are an inexpensive addition. When people feel that they are close to nature, they have reduced stress levels and an improved state of mind. Office managers can go one step further if they are feeling really daring by adding office pets, such as a dog.


Smells can have a powerful impact on our mood and how well we work. Keep it subtle, however, as overpowering scents can have the opposite effect. Scents such as pine, cinnamon and citrus add a natural aroma that can help to keep workers focused.

It is also worth mentioning that carpets should be kept clean and fragrant. Consider hiring a firm that provides commercial carpet cleaning in Gloucester, such as https://www.clean-able.co.uk/, for a regular deep clean to reduce the risk of bad odours.


Perhaps the most important element in office design, lighting can have a very negative impact on employee productivity. Strained eyes can cause fatigue and even feelings of depression. An office should have a good mix of artificial and natural light and aim to avoid glare and shadows.

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