Telecoms is still one of the fastest-changing industries in today’s economy. Mobile completely transformed things, and VoIP is now officially used by more businesses than analogue. This number will only grow as businesses prepare for the analogue switch-off in 2025.

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So what does the next year hold for the telecoms world in terms of both mobile and other areas?

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Mobile Phones

There are a number of trends that have begun to emerge in terms of mobile phones.

Firstly, there is the concept of the folding/bendy phone, which may soon be a reality – the race is on between Apple, Microsoft and Samsung to be the first to bring such a device to market. A folding phone could, in theory, drastically reduce the number of broken screens.

Secondly, Samsung has recently revisited the concept of graphene batteries. They have recently developed a graphene ball that enables lithium-ion batteries to fully charge in 12 minutes and provides up to 45 per cent of additional capacity.

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Thirdly, there is the rise of AI and Machine Learning. It is likely that in the future all smartphones will be fitted with AI chips as a default. This will result in more connected devices and the increased prevalence of the Internet of Things.

Fourthly, mobile data usage will continue to sky-rocket as AR/VR technologies become more commonplace both commercially and individually. VR/AR requires high bandwidth with edge computing and low latency, so it is likely that we will see more providers look to ensure appropriate network capability to support their use.

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Other Trends


5G has been on the horizon for the last few years. The viability of 5G as a mobile standard will be determined in the near future, and we may well see prominent telecom companies finalising their consumer and business 5G propositions, taking into account AI, IoT and the cloud.

Digital Omnipresence

Going forward, we can expect to see numerous new digital telecom industry trends, including but not limited to FinTech, video bundling and lifestyle propositions. Digital will help telecoms companies enhance their customers’ experience via in-depth analytics and cross-selling opportunities.

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