The no fault divorce was introduced in England and Wales in 2022, and this is something that many have thought is long overdue. No fault divorce differs from previous divorce law by making divorce something that is blameless, so instead of one partner being at fault, this is a way to divorce where both parties agree that there is no blame.

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This also means that there is no possibility for the other partner to contest the divorce, which can make the process much longer and more expensive. It is still advisable to go to a solicitor that specialises in family law like this Gloucester solicitor as it is still something that does need to be dealt with correctly and legally, especially when there is property and children involved.

The reason that no fault divorce was brought in was the fact that society has changed significantly since divorce laws were last updated in the 1970s. Nowadays, the divorce rate is higher with fewer people seeing divorce as the taboo thing that it once was, and laws need to be changed to reflect that and take into account that sometimes relationships can break down with no fault on either side.

Of course, the previous system of having to apportion blame to one of the parties would then make the divorce more acrimonious and could cause problems for both people, having a knock-on effect on both finances and of course on the feelings of any children that were involved. It also could lead to lengthy battles for custody of children, bitter disputes and of course a lot of money and time wasted going back and forth as accusations were hurled at one another.

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So it is hoped that this change to divorce can make the process quicker and easier, as well as being a more positive end to the relationship which is ultimately better for each person as they move on with their life and go their own separate ways, as well as creating a better atmosphere for the children, as both parents will still need to be parents to them after the divorce.

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