Working in the care industry is incredibly rewarding as you help individuals with a variety of everyday tasks. The people that work in this industry tend to be naturally caring and patient. This is especially true of those that work in eldelry care. Whether working in a care home or for a Live in Care Plymouth company the type of work undertaken will include helping with personal care and mobility, support with cooking and eating their meals and social and physical activities.

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The rewards of working in elderly care are almost endless but here are some of them for you to have a look through:

  • Learn to see a different side to life – those people that work in the care industry tend to have a different view on life than perhaps those who work in an office five days a week. This is down to the fact that they get to see all elements of life on a daily basis. From laughter and fun right through to illness and death. As people age they tend to focus less on death, than those who are starting a family and so their outlook on life is different.
  • Learning about people’s lives – listening to people‚Äôs stories comes hand in hand with care work and gives you a glimpse of what their life was like. Many stories recounted to care workers give an indication of how society has changed and developed over the years. Oral history has become an incredibly important way in which we can document the stories of real people, said in their own words and from their perspectives. This gives us a much richer view of our past and the history of our country and cultural developments.

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  • Laughter – a lot of people reach a certain age and begin to lose some of their inhibitions surrounding what they say. This can lead to some hilarious moments as they tell others exactly what they are thinking or recount stories with added elements of their opinions interspersed into the story.
  • Pride and compassion – the sense of pride that comes with helping another individual and having compassion for them and their situation is something that can not be bought. It allows you to be truly present for an individual and to give something back. Compassion for the elderly not only allows them to be honest with you but gives them the respect that they deserve in their later life.

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