In an age of constant technological advancement, it has never been easier to work from home.

The ways in which working from home can save you money

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A 2014 report from the BBC revealed that record numbers were working from home – a whopping 4.2 million, accounting for almost 14 per cent of the UK workforce – and this number has continued to rise. Studies suggest that the rate of pay for home working is slightly lower; however, this does not factor in the monetary savings that can be made by ditching the boardroom in favour of the home office. Here are five ways in which you can save money by working from home.

Car maintenance

If you drive into work every day, you will soon start to rack up the miles. This may lead to increased wear and tear, higher insurance costs, and a greater likelihood of causing damage to the car – not to mention the fuel costs. Working from home eliminates the commute, the stress and the associated costs.


Many workplaces insist on a formal dress code, often at the expense of the employee. The cost of laundering your workwear can also add up over time. Working from home means you get to choose your uniform, increasing comfort and lowering costs.

The ways in which working from home can save you money2

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Desk workers are reportedly the worst culprits for snacking and unhealthy eating habits at work, which is often due to a lack of healthy and cost-effective food options. Vending machines, work canteens and communal kitchens rarely mean eating cheaply and nutritionally; however, you can plan healthy meals from the comfort of your own home and prep them in your kitchen, reducing the temptation of expensive takeout food.

Tax deductions

If you are a self-employed home worker, you may be eligible for tax deductions and expenses that do not apply to those in conventional work. Do you need a new laptop for work purposes? The cost can be claimed back. Are you dreaming of home studies or garden offices from a supplier such as These are work stations and you could get a tax break.

Extra hours

Eliminating the daily commute will not only save you money on travelling costs but also time, which is valuable in itself. This time could be spent carrying out an extra hour of work per day, which will leave you better off.

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