As well as detailing important product, service and contact information, your website also needs to communicate your values, ethos and brand identity. These elements are critical to drawing in your visitors and building engagement and interest in your brand.

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Easy and efficient navigation

If you want your audience to spend time engaging with your on-site content, you need to ensure that it is easy to navigate. One page websites have been increasing in popularity, however, design and SEO professionals still recommend including principal pages, particularly those that provide important ‘About Us,’ ‘Contact,’ and ‘Our Products and/or Services’ information. These pages will ultimately help you to create enough keyword-rich content to enhance your visibility and connect with your audience.

Optimise for speed and clarity

We all expect to find the information we are looking for almost instantaneously, which means that you’ve got roughly four seconds to impress before visitors will decide to leave and look elsewhere. This Forbes article explains how important page loading times are, but you also need to optimise for clarity as well. If you open a page, look at it for four seconds, close the page and can’t describe what it was about, it hasn’t done its job properly. If your visitors can’t find what they want in those precious four seconds, you’re going to lose them to a competitor.

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Deliver a cohesive experience

Audiences want to get a feel for your brand as soon as they arrive on your website. Presenting a cohesive experience and message will help you to convey who you are, what you do, and how you can help to make the lives of your target audience easier in an engaging and immediate way. A professional Yorkshire web design company, such as etempa, will work with you and your team to understand the nuances of both your brand and your audience to create a design that meets objectives and delivers value.

Responsive, user-friendly design

People are now browsing on a variety of devices, which means that your website needs to be fully responsive to deliver a consistently pleasant experience across a range of screen sizes. It is also important to be responsive to the needs of your unique audience and tailoring your copy to speak to them in a voice they identify with will increase engagement and help you deliver immediate value.

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