Hybrid technology has been around for a while. However, hybrid vehicles are a relatively new development, fast becoming a popular choice for their energy-saving capabilities.

A hybrid vehicle combines a traditional combustion engine with an electric motor. The combustion engine charges the car’s battery, and the motor kicks in when extra power is needed, for example, when accelerating. Regenerative braking also means that the battery is charged via the kinetic energy released from braking.

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Benefits of a hybrid vehicle

A hybrid vehicle makes for a familiar driving experience, similar to that of driving an automatic vehicle. It is possible to switch between power sources in accordance with the road and driving conditions in order to maximise efficiency.

Hybrid vehicles feature an electronic motor, meaning a decrease in emissions of carbon dioxide. They are an efficient alternative to a traditional petrol or diesel vehicle, helping to reduce the carbon emissions which contribute to climate change and air pollution.

Hybrid vehicles also make a good alternative to electric vehicles which are not always a suitable choice, depending on your road use. With hybrid vehicles, there is no concern about your local infrastructure not offering charging points or your total number of miles completed.

Like an electric vehicle, a hybrid car may be exempt from emission zone charges. Hybrid vehicles are an easy way of reducing emissions and fuel costs without the restrictions of an electric vehicle.

Hybrid car leasing

Hybrid vehicle leasing is increasing in popularity and has become the fastest-growing sector of the vehicle leasing market. Car leasing Bristol is a cost-effective way of exploring the available variety and trying out a hybrid vehicle. In fact, car leasing in Bristol provides all the benefits of driving a new model without the associated outlay and depreciation in value.

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Hybrid vehicles offer the perfect in-between to electric and standard vehicles. Without the harmful emissions of a standard vehicle and without the restrictions of an electric vehicle, hybrid vehicles are friendly both to the purse and to the environment.

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