When you are working in an office, you spend a lot of time there. You don’t want it to be a grubby or unhygienic environment. As well as the people that work there, the office also needs to be kept clean to make sure that the people who come to visit get a good first impression of the business – if visitors turn up and see a place that is particularly dirty, smelly or unhygienic, then they may form a poor opinion of your business as a whole.

In order to make sure that the office is cleaned thoroughly, getting professionals in like this contract cleaning Cheltenham based company https://biggreencleaning.co.uk is a good idea. However, there are lots of things that the people who work there can also do to improve it and keep it looking its best – here are a few ideas…

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Have a Sort out and De-clutter – Something that many offices can fall foul of is letting clutter build up. If you have a lot of stuff in the office this could not only be making it look untidy, but it could also be reducing the productivity levels if people are having to fight through clutter to find anything! Have a big clear out and get rid of things that are not needed.

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Have a Rota – Having a staff rota to help maintain high standards is a great way to make sure that cleaning tasks are shared fairly and that everyone can take pride and responsibility for the cleaning in the office. Daily jobs like washing up and cleaning the kitchen area, wiping down desks and emptying bins can be shared among staff.

Have Rules in Place to Improve Hygiene – There are lots of bad habits that people can get into that can make the office a less hygienic place to be. A big one is people eating at the desk. Did you know that a computer keyboard is one of the dirtiest places in an office? If you are eating over it and around it, with bits of food and crumbs dropping in between the keys this makes it a great breeding ground for bacteria. Creating a more suitable eating space is something that can prevent this.

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