The general populace has understood the power of World Wide Web and that is the reason why small businesses are registering their presence on the Internet. With the increasing demand several new methods of website designs are coming into existence. New web agencies and web designers are sprouting to get benefit from this upsurge. The quantity of designers is making it difficult to find the right quality. In this article I am trying to define the process of hiring a website designer.

Purpose of Your Website

First of all you have to find out the purpose for which you are investing in the online portal. This is not a simple question as the future of your website lies in its design. You will get a suitable design as per your requirements. Different designers are proficient in different categories of web development. So figure out that your designer has the required skill set as per your website design or not.

List of Questions

Here are a few questions you are supposed to ask your designer before finalizing the deal. You can do this after you have found some potential designers who specialize in the kind of website design you require.

Q1. What kind of website they have created in the past?

After you come to know the websites designed, you are supposed to visit them and find out how professional and up to date design your designer has used? Find out the user interface is attractive and user-friendly or not?

Q2. Can we access the designed website from any browser?

Responsive website design can be accessed from different mobile devices. As your friendly website design will help you up to a certain extent to achieve ranking in all the major search engines.

So if you are hiring a freelance website designer you are supposed to know when he is available. Is he available seven days a week?

Do the websites created by him put extra burden on mobile devices?

This is imperative on your part to find out if the website design is too heavy to download on different mobile devices. This will play a hindrance and general populace cannot access your website easily.

According to a survey this kind of website loses approximately 40% of the traffic. In case your website is not loading on different mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, then is a matter of concern.

Do tell your website designer about the competitor’s website and find out the technology they are using. This is always advised to check other websites of your niche.

Find out other value-added products your designer can offer. You are a small budget and that is why you cannot spend too much on freelance website design. Experienced and technologically sound freelance website designer will not only provide the same technology and quality like reputed companies, he will also give instant support in case of any runtime error. After visiting the websites designed by the same freelancer, you will come to know much about his technical capabilities. Thus, you can avail the cost effective services.

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