Playing is not only something that is fun for kids – it is also an essential part of child development and helps them to build important life skills that they need for the future. Play is something that should be encouraged, and also many different types of play, as these all help to develop different skills in a child’s life. These are some types of play that are important for healthy child development…

Creative Play – Doing things like crafts and art activities are really good for helping a child to explore their imagination and come up with ways to use it. There are lots of ways that children can be creative, from using play dough and clay, to drawing, painting and writing their own stories. This develops the imagination and allows them to explore their inner world.

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Playing Outdoors – Getting outdoors is a great way to build numerous skills – creating a garden that kids can have fun in with the help of someone like this playgrounds Cheltenham based company helps to get kids physically active and develop their motor skills. It helps them to enjoy spending time outside too and develop a good relationship with the natural world.

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Role Play – Games that involve dressing up or acting out certain roles are actually hugely important for the social development of a child. They help children to work with others and develop understanding and empathy for many people and different situations.

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