Hiring a skip is a versatile solution for dealing with tidying up around the home or garden and a way of disposing of discarded materials during construction projects. There are different skips available to suit a range of requirements, so it is a good idea to be aware of what you need in order to obtain the best skip for the job.

Understanding the rules and regulations surrounding skip hire

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Pick a size

Before hiring a skip, you will need to estimate how much stuff you need to dispose of. It is better to get a skip that is slightly bigger than required than one that is not quite big enough. Exceeding the skip’s load limit is illegal, and if the skip’s load is too heavy, it may not be taken away. Skip sizes start with a mini (2 cubic yards), which will hold about 20 bin liners of rubbish and is suitable for garden tasks or small house jobs. A midi is twice the size of a mini and would probably suit refurbishment of a bathroom or kitchen. A maxi (double the midi) holds up to 80 bin liners of material and is often used when refurbishing houses, refitting retail outlets or clearing offices. There are four sizes of even larger skips, suitable for big refurbishment jobs and getting rid of large items, metal and wood. However, some of that wood might be useful for other projects, according to this report in The Telegraph.

What’s not allowed

Materials not generally permitted in skips include asbestos, paint, petrol, anything toxic, medical waste, gas bottles and fluorescent tubes.

Access and permission

If placing a skip on a public thoroughfare, you will need a permit or licence from your council, which usually takes up to four days to process. A driveway needs to be at least nine feet wide to accommodate a skip, and the surface needs to be able to support its weight.

Understanding the rules and regulations surrounding skip hire 2

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Organisation is integral to getting the most from your skip. With some planning, hiring a skip should be an easy way of tidying up, whether on a small or large scale.

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