Unless you’re affected by varicose veins, it’s impossible to know just how much they can affect your confidence. While many people do continue to wear shorts and short dresses or skirts which reveal their varicose veins, many others feel they need to keep their legs hidden. This not only drastically limits the wardrobe choices available to you, but can leave you feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious during warmer weather when you have to remain covered up while everyone else is baring their skin.

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While varicose veins don’t usually cause any long-term or serious health problems, they can cause major confidence issues and can be extremely uncomfortable, according to the NHS – http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Varicose-veins/Pages/Whatarevaricoseveins.aspx.

Despite varicose veins affecting millions of people in the UK, there are still many myths surrounding them.
You can die

In rare cases where veins get really bad they can get infected and some people have been known to die.  If this is the case then you could always contact a Funeral Directors Billericay company to ask if they can help you arrange the funeral.
Varicose veins can affect young people

Many assume varicose veins only affect older adults, but they can actually occur as early as during the teenage years. While this is less common, it can happen, particularly if one or both of your parents has varicose veins as they can be hereditary.

Crossing your legs does not cause varicose veins

Although this is a common myth, it simply isn’t true. There is evidence, however, that standing for long periods can make varicose veins worse, so try to avoid this.

There are alternatives to surgery

Surgically stripping the affected veins used to be the only way to remove varicose veins, but there are now a number of more preferable treatments for varicose veins, including laser ablation and sclerotherapy.

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Exercise might reduce the appearance of varicose veins

While exercise cannot prevent or fix varicose veins, losing weight if you are overweight or obese, can improve the appearance of veins. If you are overweight, the extra pressure on your varicose veins can make them appear more prominent.

Support stockings can provide relief

While they are not an attractive option, special support stockings can provide some relief to uncomfortable varicose veins. Modern lycra tights are a less unattractive alternative to traditional compression stockings.

You can camouflage some veins with leg makeup

While it’s difficult to hide raised and bumpy veins, if you are concerned about discoloured skin or thread veins, these can be hidden with leg makeup.

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