If you have any need for any legal work, and you will at some point, the first thing you need to do is contact a solicitor. For the most part their work is taken up with the legal process of a house move. If you move home or purchase a house you will need a solicitor to draw up the legal paperwork for the sale. This is to check and see if there are any restrictive covenants on the sale or if some have to be placed on the sale. The other most important thing that a solicitor does is make the transfer of funds for you. The lender will not send you the money for the sale directly. It goes via the solicitor to the seller or builder. Gloucester Solicitors are adept at this process and Gloucester Solicitors Dee and Griffin are one of the options you should look at using. What else does a solicitor do?

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The essential role of the solicitor outside of house purchasing, or conveyancing to give it its proper term, is the preparation of legal documents. If the case is to go to court these documents will assist the Barrister whose job it is to either defend or prosecute the case.

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In very broad terms the work that a solicitor does falls into two categories. The first is the Contentious field. This is where there is a dispute between two or more parties that  can only be decided in a court of criminal or civil law via arbitration. This is the litigious work. The second is Non contentious work such as the house purchase business.

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