All schools will follow a curriculum and this may or may not link to the national curriculum that is set by the government. This will depend on whether the school is a government lead school and whether it has academy status or is a private school. The national curriculum is a standard set of subjects that the government asks schools to adhere to and it sets out levels that children would be expected to meet at certain ages, throughout their school lives.

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Whilst academies and private schools do not have to follow the national curriculum they do have to provide a curriculum that is broad and that includes English, maths and science. They also need to teach healthy relationships, religious education and sex education. All schools will also show that they are covering their curriculum on their websites. These websites are created by Primary School Websites specialists like and those that specialise in sites for secondary schools and colleges and universities.

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The Early Years curriculum covers children from preschool age right up until the end of their reception year. At this stage some of the children will be 4 or 5 years old. Key stage 1 starts in year one and carries on until the end of year 2. This is where there would have traditionally been infant schools. The junior school years of yeast 3 to 6 are classified as Key Stage 2.

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