Ultrasonic cleaning technology has been used in the dental, optical, medical and jewellery industries for a number of years. The cleaning process uses high-frequency sound waves to remove dirt, dust, grime and other contaminants from the surface of the item.In the past few years, this process has been adapted for use in the window blind industry, which was worth $1.56 Billion in 2021. Blinds are placed in a large ultrasonic cleaner, where they are immersed in a cleaning solution. Ultrasonic waves produce tiny bubbles which help to clean the surfaces. This process is called cavitation.

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There are many advantages of ultrasonic cleaning. In this article, we take a look at the top five reasons why this cleaning method is fast becoming the preferred choice.

1. Delicate cleaning

Due to the nature of this non-abrasive method, delicate items such as cords and pulley systems can easily be cleaned without any damage occurring. Materials such as metals, plastic, fabric, wood, and glass can all be cleaned due to this highly versatile process.

2. Effective cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning provides a highly effective method for removing grime. The microscopic bubbles created by the ultrasonic wave process are able to get into any hard-to-reach places, ensuring a thorough and uniform clean, regardless of the item’s design.

3. Time and labour efficiency

When compared to manual cleaning, the use of ultrasonic cleaning is extremely quick, ranging from 2 to 25 mins, depending on how much cleaning is required. Once the item has been placed in the large ultrasonic cleaner, the cleaning process begins as soon as the machine is switched on.

No soaking beforehand is required, or excessive scrubbing and this ultimately saves time and labour compared with manual methods. More information can be found from specialist sites such as https://www.hilsonic.co.uk.

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4. Removing stains

Not only does the process remove dust, dirt, and grime, but it can also remove oil, rust, fingerprint oils, pigments and burnt carbon.

5. Environmentally friendly

The cleaning process uses water-based cleaning solutions that are biodegradable and less harmful to the environment compared to harsh chemicals.

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