As with many other industries, the network of courier companies providing delivery of online purchases can find new technology enabling many radical improvements. But what are the implications of these changes.

What Role Does Technology Play in the Courier Industry

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What Has Changed?

Talk Business, on their website, give an interesting description of how technology is changing the courier industry. Estimation of delivery times can now be much more accurate than previously. Not so long ago, when a package arrived at the final distribution warehouse and was loaded onto a van, it became invisible. The driver may have a day’s worth of drops and would pretty much define his own route amongst them, with the only check being arrival back empty. The supplier could say the package will arrive on Tuesday, but no more precisely than that. Now it is technically feasible for the delivery of a specific item to be predicted within a small number of minutes. Connected to that improved time accuracy is the possibility that suppliers can now offer very specific delivery timings to suit customer requirements. It is now perfectly possible to deliver during evenings or weekends in a narrow time slot. Another related benefit now available is the ability to track exactly where a consignment is. This can be very helpful to the end customer and is vital to suppliers, especially if the consignments are high-value.

What Role Does Technology Play in the Courier Industry2

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Happening Soon

Courier companies are actively looking at further improvements allowed by new technology. Delivering to other recipients than the end customer, in exchange for a payment or reward, is an extension of the concept of leaving a parcel with neighbours. Drone delivery has been tried and offers speed and accuracy. This is bound to increase as systems develop. Coordination of consignment lists and navigation data already happens and will certainly improve in efficiency, enabling more effective dynamic route planning.

Do You Use Couriers to Deliver Your Products?

There is a burgeoning choice of courier companies (both national chains and small local specialists) competing for business. To succeed they will need to be up-to-date with the latest technical systems. If you are looking for couriers in Slough, you might want to contact Tremayne Distributions at

In the Future

Technology will doubtless continue to improve, and the best couriers will use it to offer much better deliveries.

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