As summer draws to a close, and our thoughts turn to preparing for back to school, the end of the holiday season, and for some super organised people, even Christmas, there are things that we can also do at this time of the year to ensure that our homes are ready to take on the winter!

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One of the things that can be damaged over the summer months, particularly when the weather has been very warm and there has been little rainfall, are the drains. Because it is not possible for us to be able to see into them, anything could be going on down there – from tree roots in the drains looking for water, to blockages of food and other debris rotting in the pipe. It is a good idea to get a professional like this CCTV drain surveys Berkshire based company to come and inspect your drains to ensure that they are ready to take on the winter.

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As well as what is underneath your home, also pay attention to what is above your home – your roof takes a real battering over the winter, as storms often make their way over the UK. It is a good idea at this time to make sure that your roof is ready for this, and to check for damage to the roof such as missing or loose tiles, as well as blocked gutters.

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