There can be many reasons why a window will break. It could have been smashed by another object, either intentionally or by accident; it may have had a small crack that has got worse over time; or it may be down to thermal stress.

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Irrespective of how it occurred, it is important that you deal with it appropriately. According to the experts at Workplace Safety Advice, glass has the potential to cause very serious injuries if it is not handled with great care.

Here is some sensible guidance on what to do if you find that you have a broken window in your home.

Get a professional assessment

The first thing you must do is get a professional glazier to assess the damage and make recommendations for repairs. If the window frame is also damaged, or if it was not properly installed, you will probably need to have the whole window unit replaced.

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If the damage is limited to the glazed part of the unit, the existing frame can stay and new glass will be provided. When you are looking for emergency glaziers Leicester has several options, such Once you have a professional opinion, you can plan what you will do next.

Making the window safe

Before the professionals arrive, you may need to take measures to make the window safe and prevent injuries to you and your family and to passers-by. You also need to try to keep the heat inside and the wind and the rain outside!

Where there is just a small crack, you can usually make it stable using some strong duct tape. Some heavy-duty packing will also do this job. Make sure that you fix it on both sides of the window. You must be sparing, however, as you can end up making the situation worse if you use too much.

If the window is completely shattered, you will need to remove all the damaged glass whilst wearing a protective glove. Keep everyone away from the window whilst you are doing this. You will also need safety goggles to protect your eyes.

The glass must be disposed of appropriately. Any sharp shards left in the frame need to be carefully eased out. Hardboard can be used to fill the gap before the replacement is fitted.

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